Taking the reins of Enigma Front: ONWARD!

My next adventure isn’t one I thought I’d be undertaking any time soon, but here it is anyway. Next year, I’ll be taking over as publisher on the Enigma Front anthology series! Read on for how you can help!

The Enigma Front anthology series is pretty important to me. My first story to appear in print, “A Murder at Carleton House,” was featured in Enigma Front: Burnt. There was talk that this year’s edition, The Monster Within, would be the final volume in the series unless someone else was willing to step in as publisher. The immortal words of Homer Simpson sprang immediately to mind…



I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Thankfully, I’ve had a few fine folks step up to help on the back end of things; editing, layout, design, and all the rest of those myriad little jobs that go into making a fantastic book. I’m learning a lot along the way, and it’s promising to be a hell of a ride.

Enigma Front: ONWARD will be the fourth book in the series, a collection of optimistic, forward-looking speculative fiction. We figure the world is a pretty grim place right now, and some stories with a bit of hope to them is something we can all use. Whether science fiction, fantasy, any of the _____punk genres… even horror, Enigma Front: ONWARD will collect these stories. This is going to be a great (dare I say important?) anthology, and I’m beyond excited to be heading up the project!

We’re running an Indiegogo campaign to raise a bit of money to make it happen, and we’ve got some pretty great backer incentives available, including critiques by the anthology’s editors. Check it out if you have a moment, and even if you can’t back the project, kindly feel free to help spread the word via social media.


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