FIVE FOR FRIDAY: Five Questions for Steve Stred!

Welcome to the end of another week, and the start of something new here! FIVE FOR FRIDAY is a new weekly feature I’ll be running, with posts loosely based on the number five. One manifestation of this will be five-question interviews with fellow creatives, and to kick things off I’d like to welcome Steve Stred to the stage! Steve wears many hats – writer, reviewer, interviewer, Type O Negative – and his latest book CHURN THE SOIL is available, well, today. Hit READ MORE to check out Five for Friday: Five Questions for Steve Stred!

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Taryn understood the plight of the biomaton. They were slaves, humans who needed clockwork parts in order to survive. Their modified bodies somehow made them less than human, and that was the part she did not understand. Why weren’t they human? What did losing a limb and having it replaced have to do with one’s humanity?

Taryn Roft lives with a secret she doesn’t even fully understand herself. After barely surviving a fire as a child, her arm was replaced with a clockwork prosthesis. She is a biomaton. She is also missing six years’ worth of memories between the fire and finding herself on the streets of London. What she can’t remember could change the world.

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