Enigma Front: The Monster Within is Now Available!

My latest steampunk supernatural tale, ‘The Wolfville Horror,’ has now been released in the new anthology Enigma Front: The Monster Within from Analemma Books! Click ‘continue reading’ below to check out a short excerpt.

‘The Wolfville Horror’ features the return of Isaac Barrow alongside his young apprentice, Miss Emily Skye, as they travel to a remote estate in King’s County, Nova Scotia to investigate the strange case of a massive, unseen beast prowling the woods by night. Can Barrow and Miss Skye solve the riddle of Thériault Manor… before whatever is lurking in the darkness manages to break free?


Bringing together stories from 22 writers across multiple speculative fiction genres, this is a pretty darn great anthology and I’m proud as heck to be part of it.

Enigma Front: The Monster Within is now available via Amazon (US), Amazon Canada (Canada), and Kobo