Enigma Front: Burnt has been nominated for an Aurora Award!

Great news came down this weekend, as we heard Enigma Front: Burnt has made the shortlist for this year’s Aurora Awards!

I was thrilled to have my first story ‘A Murder at Carleton House’ published in last year’s Enigma Front anthology from Analemma Books. The book features an impressive number of talented authors, and I was honoured to be printed alongside every one of them.

The Aurora Awards, for those who may not be aware, are Canada’s premiere award recognizing excellence in speculative fiction. Nominations for the Auroras closed a few weeks ago, and now that the results are in, I’m excited to see that Enigma Front: Burnt will share the ballot in the Best Related Work category. It’s a huge honour to be nominated alongside some other fantastic anthologies, and with Burnt being just the second volume in Analemma’s anthology series it’s a great comment to the talent and dedication of the editors and contributors who came together to put out the best book possible.

The Aurora Awards will be presented this September at Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia which, coincidentally, is the setting of ‘A Murder at Carleton House.’ Synchronicity, man. It’s a trip!


Enigma Front: Burnt is still available via Amazon (US), Amazon.ca (Canada), and Kobo.